The Imperial Tribotester uses a pin-on-disk system to measure wear. The unit consists of a gimbaled arm to which the pin is attached, a fixture which accommodates disks up to 160 mm in diameter & 8 mm thick, an electronic force sensor for measuring the friction force, and a computer software (on Labview platform) for displaying the parameters, printing, or storing data for analysis.       The motor driven turntable produces up to 2950 rpm. Wear is quantified by measuring the wear groove with a profilometer (to be ordered separately) and measuring the amount of material removed.

Designed for unattended use, a user need only place the test material into turntable fixture and specify the test variables. A pre-determined Hertzian pressure is automatically applied to the pin using a system of weights. Rotating the turntable while applying this force to the pin includes sliding wear as well as a friction force. Balls & pins can be fabricated from a wide range of materials /geometories, virtually any combination of metal, glass, plastic, composite, or ceramic substrates can be tested.

Software included with this model provides for quick calculation of the Hertzian pressure between the pin and disk.

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